I have officially started the migration process to a new server. 35 domains and sub domains with roughly 89 GB worth of files. What could possibly go wrong? 😜 Expecting this will take most of the weekend.

Beginning the process of migrating to a new hosting provider for my many domains and sub domains. It has been a while since I have done this. Good to clean house every so often. Let’s see how it goes.

I ask out of curiousity - what new JavaScript frameworks are you investigating this year? And, why those?

It is great to see the sun today. I believe this is the first sunny day in 2021 in central Illinois. Yes, cloudy for 11 straight days. #CentralIllinoisLife

Thought this was unusual packaging. Note transparent nature of container. Angie - thanks. I am curious how it tastes. Plan to share with grandsons soon. Anyone else aware of this brand? I know I don’t get out much these days.

Farmdale Park near Washington, IL today. Trails were quite slick.

More central Illinois photos today. Little thawing so far.

Thought I would post a few more central Illinois winter wonderland photos. Went for another drive today. Glendale Cemetery in Washington, IL.

Just came across this article from a couple years ago. Interesting read. Who invented moveable type? Spoiler alert, it wasn’t Gutenberg. Thanks to Sharon Eilts for making me aware of this post.

AI is impressive/ scary at the same time. DALL-E is a pretty interesting example. Spoiler alert - AI generates images based on the text you type. Thanks @iusher for making me aware.

I have to share one of the “gag gifts” I got from my son and daughter-in-law at Christmas. Yes, I tried it. Yes, it tastes and smells worse than you can imagine. One of the few things I simply could not finish.

I like this overview regarding ordering CSS properties . Many thanks to @redcrew for making me aware of this post.

Winter wonderland in central Illinois today. Here are a few photos from yard and a drive I took in the country.

Somehow I missed this – Space Needle in Seattle – ushering in 2021. Incredible virtual experience. It is 11 minutes long and well worth viewing full screen (or on a monitor). And, yes, I liked the butterfly.

Quite the ice storm/ welcome to 2021 in central Illinois.


Decided last year to track the steps and miles I walk each day. For 2020, I walked 2,352.3 miles (which was 4,537,753 steps for me). That would be the same as walking from Washington, IL to the Yukon. Keep in mind my wife was in the hospital for 41 days and I was confined to a couch for another 16 days recovering from eye surgery. Not much walking those days. I know each step takes me closer to that undiscovered country. That is true for all of us (whether we think about it or not). I will choose to find some joy along the way each day. Pain and loss in 2020 has definitely changed me, but it won’t define me.

Happy #2021. As we begin 2021, let’s remember that we have 365 days to make new mistakes. And we should. That means we are experimenting and growing. As we make new mistakes, lets learn from them, listen to others, and empathize as they experiment and grow as well.

First post in a long time. Still recovering from eye surgeries & procedures. Burning a candle today in memory of Jeri. Seems appropriate way to end this dumpster fire of a year. May 2021 be much better for all of us.


I will be going silent for a while due to medical issues. I appreciate your understanding. I will not be responding to electronic communication other than phone calls for some time.

Happy birthday grandson. You are growing up so fast. I hope you have a great day!

Went for a nature hike this morning. Everett Dirksen Park near Pekin, Illinois. Who knew there would be a waterfall on the creek. Impressive. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Felt like I was visiting deserts in the southwest even though I never left Illinois. Here are some prickly pear cactus in bloom. Visited Sand Prairie Scrub Oak preserve.

Did a bit of playing with twirl effects in Photoshop today. Original “bird of paradise” flower was blooming at our condo during our vacation to Hawaii in late 2019. Curious what others think of this image?

A few sidewalk art photos I encountered on my morning walks recently. Hope you enjoy.